The Krusader Community Awards are negotiating endorsements from the Chicago Teachers Union, members of City Hall, and other organizations to insure the entire Chicagoland area is included. However, we need volunteers at the grassroots level to make sure it's successful.
Please speak to your church & neighbors about supporting this phenomenal event. If you want better schools, safer streets, necessities like food, gas & housing to become more affordable, or simply want to recognize the local heroes who strive for these things -- please take a moment to nominate and/or volunteer for the 2013 KCA's.
   The KRUSADER COMMUNITY AWARDS is more than an acknowledgement ​​of great individual deeds; it's an opportunity to pool resources, join communities, and interact with other dedicated people with different approaches to one common goal: The betterment of others. 
         Instead of celebrating achievements in an individual field (such as entertainment, sports, or science), it encompasses the multitude of different entities that create communities: Teachers, preachers, politicians, health care professionals, etc. and designs a night of entertainment that also encourages cooperation through the common thread of community service.